Edible Plant Locator UX Research & Design Case Study

What is the Goal of this App ?

To help App Users

Who will use the App and why?

Anyone going on a hike, out in the wild or just curious what a certain plant is and if they can eat it or even use it on theirselves holistically.
Think of that berry you always wondered if you could eat out in the backyard.
The location of new plants in the neighborhood could lead you on new ventures.
Why go shopping at your local supermarket when you can explore local park or get details about all the edible wildlife around your location.

What are some Pain Points?

How do we know what plants are edible?  Taking a photo will help decipher the details of the plant based on leaves, roots , tree structure, dirt, etc. There will multiple plants based on recognition and geolocation to help detail what is around the area.  Once selection is made user will be given the option to view options of plants that look similar to photo taken. This data will be reviewed by our scientific team to help build our wide array of plant-life.

Is there a database of available plants ? There are available databases throughout to recognize plants and descriptions of them. Also, there are many other apps helping you find plant wildlife in your communities.  We will also use the available photos that are sent in / out from numerous botanists that will help confirm authenticity.

A Journey to the unknown, Task Analysis

Three Types of Users :  Admin , Consumer , 3rd Party Login

  1. Admin – Will have access to all admin privileges and rights.  Ability to add / edit / view / delete users.  Upload Images / Download Images / Give New Geo-location for plants & Edibles.  (Other Admin Roles : Botanists,
  2. Consumer – Will have access to view & download Geo Locational edible plants & share with the users community. Can View or Leave comments to get a better understanding or each plant.
  3. 3rd Party – Admin can give special privileges to vendors of  “Geolocations” suggestions on new fruit or vegetables that are available in the area. Consumers can sign up for special treasure hunts.

Some Early Renditions of Ideations with White-boarding

mockup sketch ui ux edible plant

Early Renditions of Ideations

mockup sketch ui ux edible plant

High Resolution Mockups 

User has logged in and our geo-locator has now pin-pointed exact edible matches in the area.


The filter bar will allow you to add or delete tagged items to be specific in your geo-location. One idea was for this to be a pop-up when user selects filter.  As you can see this approach allows you to filter from specific vegetables and fruits to help the user use the application to the best of their ability.

Filter none selected ux ui design edible plant finder

Filter Idea UX UI Design Edible Plant Locator

User Selects Edible Plant what next ?

The User has selected an edible now. A slide-out appears once selected that will give important information about the plant.  (Sub Menu Items) Similar Plants ,  Reviews, Directions (still thinking of more ideas)

Project Details:

Hiram Barsky


Edible Plant Finders




UX Design and Research

An app that lets the users select edible plants from any geolocation. Shows the details of the plants and similar edible plants in the area. UX / UI Design, Review and Analysis.