Edible Plant Locator UX Design Review and Analysis (In Progress)

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Video Update Edible Plant App Design October 14th,

What is this app ?-

An edible plant based geo-location app that can show me where food is in every location I visit.

Learn to eat what is edible wherever you are.

Geolocation Selection Process

User has logged in and our geo-locator has now pin-pointed exact edible matches in the area.

Geolocation Searchdesign ux ui

The filter bar will allow you to add or delete filters to be specific in your geo-location

(one idea was for this to be a pop-up when user selects filter)

Filter none selected ux ui design edible plant finder

Filter Idea UX UI Design Edible Plant Locator


The User has selected an edible now a shelf with slide out from the right hand side that will give important information about the plant.  (Sub Menu Items) Similar Plants ,  Reviews, Directions (still thinking of more ideas)

Geolocation Search details design ux ui

mockup sketch ui ux edible plant

mockup sketch ui ux edible plant

Who are the users?

Everyday People who are walking to work, Hikers, Hungry People, Scientists, etc…

Role 1

A Hiker is out in the wilderness and is curious about a berry to eat.  The berries look delicious and the hiker wants to make sure they are edible to eat.

The hiker uses the app based on geolocation and finds out that these berries are edible.

Role 2


Color Scheme

I viewed a few color schemes yet I really dug these colors the most for a plant based app

Color Pallete for UX / UI Design Edible plant finder



Project Details:

Hiram Barsky


Edible Plant Finders





An app that lets the users select edible plants from any geolocation. Shows the details of the plants and similar edible plants in the area. UX / UI Design, Review and Analysis.