My First 18 Years UX Research & Design Case Study

The Problem :

I have been to court 17 times recently in the last 4 years to get joint rights to my daughter. Fortunately, after spending over $40,000 on Lawyers etc. I thought there would be an easier way to agree on extra – curricular, school, medical for the child. I wanted a way that the two parents who don’t speak with each other will be able to give the child a good life by agreeing to use this app as a tool to help collaboration.

The Goal

To help alleviate the stress of going to court spending 8 hours to see a judge for a simple matter that can be solved in minutes.  Also, to help abuse of court system by either parent to try and “get their way”.

To integrate a parental coordinator if needed to make valuable decisions based on the best interest of the child. This will help two parents come to a common understanding and much less fighting for the child’s sake.

This app should be used to help balance your children’s calendar, get recent medical records, message teachers, get school updates and make essential payments to agreed finances between parents.

What is the most important part of this app?

It’s to give the parents understanding and confidence that they as parents can work together without going to court every other month.  All of the items that need to be discussed inside of court can be assessed in this application.  If there is a disagreement there will be a Judgewho you can assign that can act as a parental coordinator who can help make decisions based on best interest of the child.

The Problem : When the Parent Makes it about themselves instead of the child

Most of the time Parents go to court without lawyers and a serious vengeance for the other parent.  These instance makes the child’s life a hard one to deal with when parents can’t agree. Items like which school the child goes to, which doctor is more beneficial, agreeing on drop off / pick up time, paying medical bills, who is going to pay for extra-curricular. How will these parents go to the same school function without making a scene?

What Issues Did I have before designing this app?

  1. Trying to understand the users of this app.  To understand that there were plenty of people going to court with many issues besides my own. How could I get in touch with them and what are their gripes with the court and the system.
  2. How can I get a list of Parental Coordinators who work in the geo-location of the app user ?  I would have to get in touch with a lawyers database to direct.  This is still a thought for the future. (Will Update)

Examples of Family Court Disagreements :

  1. Parents who have multiple children and who have had many domestic violence issues.
  2. Parents who aren’t supporting their child and need the court immediately to intervene.
  3. Parents who are abusive to their children (Physically or Mentally) What could I actually do to help this situation without these parents going to court? How many times were the police called to the house ? Was anyone arrested ? Are there restraining orders about?

This is something that the court sometimes wont pay any mind too until it is too late.  How can I as the designer use this tool to fix these issue earlier in the child’s life and make sure they are able to flourish.

What to do if there is more than 1 kid involved?

This application focuses on all the children associated with the custody agreement. You as the user will be able to edit and customize each Individual Child to help organize payments or adjust to certain schedules. The children’s dashboard will have their own profile with batch options to adjust many parenting actions as you set up all options.

We have put together 2 Children’s scenario based on the parents who are mentioned above

An Exercise in Nouns is an easy start to figure out what main items should be contained in Navigation

Here is a list of Main Concerns that I have addressed based on then needs of this app.

Dad and Mom are going back to court here is a list of items that will be discussed at the new court date.

The outcome was that no one won anything except wasted a full day waiting to be called for court.  Imagine if they had a lawyer and either the Plaintiff or Defendant had to pay a full day for that lawyer to just sit there and wait the whole day.

Child App Design and Development UX / UI

Child App Design and Development UX / UI

UX Journey Map

Journey Map for My First 18 Years Design Ideation

Journey Map for My First 18 Years Design Ideation

4 Users will be Mom , Dad , Lawyers , and Judges. Design User Flow UX My First 18 Years App

UX Research In Wire frames

Wire-framing the screens was a process that took loads of UX Research & Design

The role of the parents and how they can effectively help their child with this coparenting tool :

The selection of items to help parents coparent start on the dashboard:

  1. Child’s Profile offering an easy way to update any important or vital information.  Such as :
  2. Showing a calendar of Important Dates to edit or view. 
  3. Showing a high level (Custody Information Screen ) and the ability to edit that. 
  4. Both Parents will have access to the notifications screens based on their % role in the child’s life.

Top Level Navigational Menu Items :

Receive or Pay – (Mom or Dad) will be able to make payments to Extra Curricular , Each Other, School etc through this 3rd Party Application set for payment
School -Show recently updated grades by teacher.  Ability for the parent to add dates and give warning / success messages to other parents based on agreement from court.
Upload Documents – Upload Most Documents / Court Judgments and link them to sections based on your user role.  Example ( Mother can post latest doctor appointment findings etc,)
Extra Curricular – Update Parties on events (calendar update, payment for Karate, payment for Soccer ) Give Notifications of upcoming events to the other parent.
Notifications – Update Parties on events,  activities, payments (once both parties are signed up this can be automatically sent to your messages)
Medical – Update Parties on doctor visits, co-payment, health statistics
Judgments – Court Judgement (Forward to Parental Coordinator or the lawyer for reviews)
Mockup Dashboard Design Low Resolution Wireframe

Mockup Dashboard Design Low Resolution Wireframe

Wireframe Design UX White-boarding and Research

The Mom and Dad need to be asked some basic questions depending who is signing up :

Wizard UX Design Concept for Updating Parent & Child Information

Wizard UX Design Concept for Updating Parent & Child Information

Fill out information to help better understand your needs as the parent.

Child Profile Selection dashboard My First 18 UX Design & Research Rapid Prototyping UX

Drawing out the Dashboard for Dad or Mom to see

Dashboard Low Resolution Wireframe UX UI Design

Dashboard Low Resolution Wireframe UX UI Design


Project Details:

Hiram Barsky


First 18 Years


January 2019


UX Design and Research

This application is for parents who have communication issues. To alleviate the stress of going to court. This app will present ways to help balance your children’s calendar and make essential payments to agreed finances.